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Designed.rs is also a platform which unifies us through an intricate net of posts and blogs, offering an invaluable network of ideas. It also serves as an eye-opener which contributes, stimulates, and accumulates the production of global as well as local ideas and aesthetically pleasing things.

Our goal is to provide and nurture a web-based communicational platform which will gather a large number of people whose opinions and knowledge can contribute to a better understanding of values of design in contemporary communication and business.

We believe that there is wealth of information out there that needs to be shared. Designed.rs therefore offers access to a myriad of different viewpoints as well as various ways of thinking, acting much like a system of checks and balances permitting us to verify our stance through open dialogue.

As the title Living Belgrade already suggests itself, a city is in many ways like a living organism that lives and breathes. A city is also a place where many of us are born, learn to walk, fall in love for the first time, meet friends for life, find our true selves, but above all - live, work, and create.

Designed Living Belgrade is therefore a printed edition project essentially aimed at connecting man with the city and making their symbiosis more functional and harmonious. It is conceived in a way to create room for the pursuit and exploration of moments that make life better and more pleasant - even for just a split second.

Essentially, Designed Living Belgrade aims to nurture culture and allow the free flow of new ideas and trends through and intricate collection of places, streets, houses, galleries and people that create an entirety, an entirety which is better known as – Belgrade.

The idea, or the very core of the project is based on the concept that this existing connection between the city and its inhabitants is something unique, personal, and inalienable.

Living Belgrade magazine