All Fresco



The client produces special kind of freezing machines. They have decided to make the line of products in order to gain the show room for their machines that way. When they have decided on the product they needed the design and naming, they needed the brand. That is where we came in the picture.


We wanted to show the naturalness of the product, so we have decided on the funny approach by emphasizing its freshness, so we used the Italian expression for “being in the shade” (“al fresco”) and coined the phrase ALL FRESCO. The logo also emphasizes the freshness of the shade.
In the design we tried to accomplish timeless quality, and to come up with the product that does not look like all others that were white and simple at the time. It is color full, vivid, attractive.

Logo All Fresco


Package All Fresco
Package All Fresco
Package All Fresco