Casa Maiac

Kosmaj Deli Artisans

The Problem

For its new line of meat products, our client wanted us to develop a strategy which would allow for its products to quickly become a brand which will manage to fill in the gap in the pre-existing market of high quality meat products.
The client's idea was to develop a family oriented business, much similar to regional producers in Italy who cover the local market with their products. The main focus was on products whose quality exceeds all those presently available on the market. We were commissioned to create a name, a communication strategy, packaging design as well as all related communication material.

The Solution

We found out that Mt. Kosmaj (where the production line is located) was also known by the ancient Romans as the House of the Goddess Maya - Casa Maiac. Just by associating the product with the divine suggested absolute quality. Based on this we designed the packaging and shaped a communication strategy that accurately conveyed the desired message to the target group. We achieved the ultimate goal of introducing the products to wholesalers as well as individual consumers while Casa Maiac appeared at numerous fairs and tradeshows, winning much acclaim for its quality.

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Package Casa Maiac


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