Eparhija Raško-prizrenska i Kosovsko-metohijska

Srpska pravoslavna crkva


Our excellent business relationship with Serbian Orthodox church continued on this new project. This congregation is headquartered in uneasy and troubled region of Kosovo. Internet is one of the rare windows into the world outside the fences most of the Serbian population live there and church is the only solid institution to look up for the wisdom and guidance from. Local church authority needed a website that should give some information about its activities to the local people and the possibility to present its day-to-day problems in a contemporary and web literate manner to the rest of the internet population.


We devised new recognition mark for the congregation and up to date design and programming of the website. Our intention was to clean up all the communication clutter and design totally clear scheme. The users of this website are not internet savvy ones and we needed to simplify the communication and user interface as much as possible.

Logo Eparhija Raško-prizrenska i Kosovsko-metohijskaLogo Eparhija Raško-prizrenska i Kosovsko-metohijskaLogo Eparhija Raško-prizrenska i Kosovsko-metohijska