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Serbia Naturally

The Problem

USAID in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia organized a campaign for trade shows at which Serbian food products would be presented at fairs throughout Europe, as well as the Fancy Food Fair in the United States. The challenge was to encourage and convince foreign wholesalers to buy Serbian products by positioning them as exceptionally healthy and natural.

The Solution

If you want good quality food with good packaging and favorable market prices, you can't go wrong if you look for it in Serbia. Naturally, right? The idea was such that everything Serbia has to offer gets followed by a simply slogan - Naturally. Trade shows are like a large, colorful open-air market therefore it was necessary to create a simple identity that would at all times follow the basic communication requirements - it would legible, recognizable, and would simultaneously motivate the viewer with the clarity of the message. The overall success was measured in millions of dollars generated through export. Naturally.

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