Profira Brandy

Label design

photos by Ana Kostić

The problem

Ten years ago, the client wishes to begin the manufacturing of quality Serbian brandy and has made a series of ceramic bottles for that occasion. The project was frozen and the bottles were left to rest and wait for better times. Keeping in mind the complexity of the material itself as well as the imperfection of the bottle-necks, the final decision was to launch a limited-edition ceramic bottle series, while simultaneously preparing a new standardized version for the market.


We adapted the shape of the label to the existing ceramic bottle and created a now one for the glass bottles. A simple design dominated by the name Profira is designed with a custom-made font specifically created for this occasion. Additionally, the brandy was awarded a gold medal for quality at this year's Novi Sad agricultural fair - the largest agricultural manifestation of its kind in the region.

Logo Profira BrandyLogo Profira Brandy


Package Profira Brandy
Package Profira Brandy


Photograpy Profira Brandy