Tourist Organization of Serbia

Serbia Branding

The Problem

The Tourist Organization of Serbia, along with its new management got a new task - to present Serbia as a young, promising and attractive tourist destination.

The Solution

Due to the tangible lack of tourist infrastructure a so-called "search" was initiated to find characteristics that have so far left the strongest impressions on those who visited Serbia so far. What the research indicated was primarily the people that the visitors met along the way! This was definitely something that needed to be recognized and somehow embodied in a sign. We chose to connect that light, fluffy feeling that every tourist expects to find at a chosen destination with temperament and a big heart that Serb's have! We thus got that special spark that is essential for a communication project - we managed to connect a simple shape with an inspiring and true story. In that sense, Serbia is representing the very best of us, symbolically shown in the shape of a heart, beating in each of us.

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